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In June 07 we start our new life here in Dom Rep.
Our Plan to work in a place where others make HOLIDAY and also to do the best we can that exactly these people and hopefully you have a wonderful and unforgettable SUNSHINE HOLIDAY.

On this Site we will give you a little impression about us and our business and if you have questions or like a special one...contact us by e-mail


Our team

       BOSS MARCEL                       CUSTOMER CARE DIANA                "WATCHDOG" PEPI





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- Cable 1 / Janus TV - My new life XXL 06/2007 -
   www.kabel1.de - "Ready for the island" Program from Sunday, 24.6.2007

- Radio HR3 - 06/2011 - http://www.hr-online.de/website/radio/hr3/index.jsp?rubrik=4418

- HolidayCheck

- Tourist Guide: Marco Polo (with thanks to the author)


Finally we’re going to leave. Plane starts at 10:40AM and with the fact that the Kabel1 Camera team (which’s producing a documentary “my new life XXL“) is awaiting us at 7AM for the today’s photo shoot its going to be definitely a long long day. Even we were waiting this day for so long…it feels strange to close the door at home for a last time.
“Sadly” that the camera crew left us now…we can start now to organize our first bits & pieces in our new life. So much fun we had with the crew, so much far the `doing each scene tons of times & making untrue stories up…` kept us away from actually sorting the real stuff.
So after searching as hell we really bought, about a week ago, a car in San Francisco d. M. (3h drive away). Our today’s hope…that we can welcome the arrival of our container in Santo Domingo.. In a bit frightened mood of what else we have to expect at the port and in which condition’s our furniture. 
Parallel to that we keep an open eye on houses…cos we’ll definitely getting a huge space problem with all our stuff here.
The cable 1 docu got shown on the 24.6.2007, 8:15PM. Since that…we’re overload by e-mails and people watching out for us with the question of how we doing?!
HOUSE FOUNDED…and the job of renting the corners Restaurant `Rubis` from 7AM - 12AM for Breakfast is running quiet well and even when not really what I’m used to…at least we both can do something.  Unfortunately till my paperwork for the company (Tourism, Permissions…) is sorted…I can’t realize my dream of a Tour office. But hey…everything is in work…
Unbelievable but 2 days ago we welcomed our container here in Las Galeras. Don’t even ask what we gone through…you wouldn’t believe anyway. Fact…we learned that the word manana means nothing more than “I don’t know, some when, maybe”. At least 4 times in Santo Domingo may not sounded loads, but with the fact that we worked together with one of the biggest and popular shipping company? It was 3 times too much we had to show up there for employer’s stupidity and silly things. And that we got him now, thanks mum and dad’s incredible help in Germany with contacting the bosses of each party. By the way…thanks to everybody helping us.
Diana moved to a beautiful little apartment near the beach and I will stay a while longer in the house.
Somehow the heat and sun is not molesting. Even when we unloaded the container a month ago, or while staying the whole morning in the Kitchen…just nothing. May already used to? Or because we calm already the German stress into Caribbean relaxed!!!
Diana starts to manage her spider phobic a bit better. To be honest…here we talk about really spiders. Up to diameter 20cm makes even me feeling a bit uncomfortable.
In a week Mum and Dad are coming to visit the first time. Exciting!!!!
The both liked it so much!!! “Could may become the place in pension” they said!!!! Happy.
Within a week Diana and I are going to be neighbors again. As well I got one of the Apartments. Look really forward to, cos as beautiful the huge garden around the house is as much work it cost to keep him this way.
Got my completely Company documents 3 days ago. With the right and permission of my Sunshine-Holiday it’s done a huge step to my dream.
Las Galeras's Eve - at the end of the world - the end of the road - even funny. But let rise at 30 degrees the missile - - - has been what .....
Now we have flung our transitional job. It was a good time to in the circumstances here in the country to see further and to make contacts. It was always in the long run no state in a bar to workers, are in the cleanliness and cooperation is a foreign word.
Now we finally have the time to take care of care of our missing documents.

Now it is once again back to Germany - 1 month vacation in the "old country" - We'll see what has changed and what the "friends" are still there.

After a more or less break in the home is finally back in her new home. Diana has been exploring in my absence several rental properties for our own office and one is in the immediate choice.

Finally here is a little faster than you think. Lease signed - Small property with office in the center (just before the supermarket). Looks after calming lot of work - and at 35 degrees.

After a month of hard work we finally opened our own small business. The last papers are nearing completion.

We are proud to look into our circle of friends won here in our factory. Slowly but surely it is in the right direction.


Oh my God - two small dogs - will be for me - the sweet - thank you Diana

Is it because it the 13th or is only because of our skin color - through a review by staff of the tourist authorities in Santo Domingo, we have to close temporarily - the papers are not ready. "
A consultation with our lawyer and the Tourismobehörde however made it all OK is - well, typical Dominican - a hand not knowing what the other one.

Now we are talking directly to the competent authority in Santo Domingo before - what about our papers - no one knows of nothing - our current law is now back to his job and admits "I'm overwhelmed" - and pays us back our deposit.

Miraculously, we learn a German lawyer in Santo Domingo to know who gives us through his expert knowledge and understanding of our situation important tips and addresses.
In this way, many, many thanks to Mr. H. and our mom - who is also always there in every situation for us.

More and more information to get to us - Official documents are issued for many years no longer on the island for the Tourismobehörde Samana and we wonder - how the others work here - well, OK - Bribery is surely on the agenda - but without insurance and then working with tourists - but better fight ........
Joined forces with the big company Turinter - an existing for 25 years, companies that specialized in all the rice sector.

From now on, a night guard at our office.
The first permanent employees.

Another year around. This year we have met many new people and new experiences with various alleged "friends" made. A year in which we were able to strengthen our workforce by taxi drivers, tour guides and boat drivers.
Many new ideas are developed and implemented in part. So we have expanded our tour program even further and improved to meet every need.
Diana has now achieved with your own small restaurant in the same house.
Fixed setting of a travel agency employee DD, which is responsible only for flights, hotels, transfers and events. She is from Santo Domingo and should have the appropriate training. Na gaze times.

Hardly "right" here and gone again - the staff has just received your papers.
After long talks about your work ethic, and the associated high compensation they had left the company again.

Here also change laws. All companies named S.A. - even we - have a new tax number and a name change to SRL get - again Santo Domingo and bureaucracy. I believe that we are the only company that really has all the papers clean. Well yes you can connect - German passport has expired and the end of May - that is also the same again -

Anniversary - now 4 years in the Dominican Republic - and it goes in the right direction.
Even in the "off season" we have plenty to do. The long road that has paid off slowly.


We are the organizers of the trips for the Fa. company Contest 2011th
The winners go on various excursions us.

Christmas - now it shows again that's the end of the road here -
I sit on Christmas Evening in one restaurant and can choose between pizza for 8, - Euro or menu for 40, - Euro for the me nothing tastes .... So cook from home and see what a dvd.

New Year's Eve - asleep 23.00 clock - 01.30 clock and wake up again - hear anything - not bad ---

Start of the whale season. This year we have. In collaboration with a supplier from Samana two boats with the license for whale watching in Samana
But the weather makes us all a spanner in the works - a lot of rain, wind and rough seas. We and others have problems with the weather.

So much for the whale season. The hunt in the bay of Samana to the whales takes a form that after my deeming no longer be justified.
As of now we do not offer whale-watching more.
3 beaches on our tour (which we launched as the first provider to life) to see the tourists from the beach Fronton the whales undisturbed. So this tour is.

Always nice - a repeat offender -
More and more tourists come back and one of your first way leads to us.
The long work pays off.

Another year older. This time, a very nice day and the conclusion as a dinner as a gift of Diana and her boyfriend. Thank you.

Dominican Republic five years and no back - Fits -

The new tours are available. Took a long time but now we have several new trips we offer. The website is also revised. Well it was a bit less tourists in May - was finally time for it. We'll see when we try to copy the first again - as with the tour of the island and the 3 beaches tour.

And one idea leads to the next.
From now on we will start operations every month. Raffles, discounts, events.
And every Saturday there are char-grilled bratwurst.
Cooperation with Turinter is completed, causing more problems than benefits
are formed. The never-ending bureaucracy.

Now the French are out of the hotel (Grand Paradise Beach Resort), our largest customer, get out. Contract between hotel and Lookea has expired. The French were only here for a week and the local shops brought no revenue.
Now coming back for more German and Canadian.

Help - it was a low season.
Normally, the months of May and September are quiet. This year, between the months.

Thanks to SonnenklarTV. That was once a nice start to the season. The Travel Channel makes great deals on the hotel here and the tourists coming and coming and coming ...

First Christmas party.
Guests are our taxi driver, tour guide, boat driver but also police and Turismo authority.
A beautiful day.

Another year comes to an end .
On the whole, quite a pretty good year , We'll see what the
New Year brings .


The whale season comes to an end .
Since this year we went just off the coast of Las Galeras out .
Unfortunately the whales from year to year more and more by the large boats are from
sold the Bay of Samana .

The month of the otherwise quiet part -
again all very different - Sunny Side TV - and a lot of tourist `s

The never-ending bureaucracy.
Once again, spent three days in Santo Domingo and renewed several papers.
This time it has once worked quite easily .
Nice to be back in Las Galeras .

Tourists there - which there is not .
" Flight sch .. sch .. Hotel , village sch .. - what do you offer us now "
Which one can do nothing right.

Second Christmas party.
This time, even with live music. Atmosphere at its best.
Guests are our taxi driver, tour guide, boat driver but also police and Turismo authority.
A beautiful day.

Another year over. Where has the time gone ?


Good start to the new year.
Visit of the family - but that can only be good.

Completed conversion on our site . New roof , entrance u.s.w.
Ne lot of work but well worth it.

Last Whale Tour at Sunshine Holiday !
From now on we will no longer support this hunting

No news is often good news.
Again passed half a year and no "incidents".
We'll see what the second half brings.
Tourists `s the` s not at all.
Always in the off-season recruit the big chain hotels with special prices.
Exactly such tourists come then too.
Just once again had people for a day trip to the Quad
incl.food 40, - Euro and already have paid the morning of the suspected
came on - the search for what to get money back - just as
it was then.
Luckily we just one day later have the same tour again
made - with other people - all O.K. . .
Christmas in restaurant Monte Azul.
All employees and family members have come together
around the year have to end. A nice evening.


Everything good - Tourist insurance extended.
The season without a trip Whale.
A good decision, because there are more and more boots.
In the Dominican Republic there is a dry period.
Again on Samana the water is running out.
New Quad`s at the start - from now with Yamaha 350cc - even more fun.
Also this year there is a celebration for Christmas.
On the Bacardi Island - by boat to the island and a nice


They also come in this season many tourists just because of the
Whales - no more whale tours -
to protect animal.
The first cruise season with us comes to an end. We were with 2 trips there.
Many satisfied customers but also small problems with the weather.
Organizationally, we have improved a lot of things.

Long dry time here on Samana - no rain - so nature looks like -
Now the next cruise season is on the agenda. This year we are with
3 trips.
And once again managed. The tourist insurance is renewed.
What only too little - now too much - rain, rain, rain


And it rains and rains and rains.
The last cruise ship for this season. Everything went well.
Company entry is renewed - again a year rest - the bureaucracy oes not stop.
Now also extended the ourist insurance for one year.
One year comes to an end - without roblems - thankfull - many thanks to all.


Opening of the whale season. We`re only going to race this year coast of Las Galeras and to the beach Rincon.
Good capitains and so far only 1 group that has not seen whales.
The whale season is over - everything in o.k. - from time to time a little restless sea but all good.
Every year again - the month of May - the month of complainers - "Flight sch.., Hotel sch..., beach sch..., village sch...- what can you offer these people???
But fortunately, the exceptions confirm the rain - many thanks to the nice May tourists.
Currently we have temperatures around 30 degrees an 90 % humidity that already 3 weeks -
Bad eather time in fairytable time.
You sit somewhere in the Caribbean in an all inclusive resort- 2 days of rain. So you meet at the bar talking about job, vacacion nd how to improve the world. After the 11th to 13th Cubra Libre then stories are invented.
All right - so far no storm and no excessive rainfalls.
The necessary insurance was extended - again a year everything o.k.
Thanks to all who visited us and all those who have been with us for years.


Even holidays in between - 3 days Santo Domingo in the metroolis - always an experience.
End of the whale saison. This year we watched the whales off the coast of Las Galeras with a smal catamaran. Much quieter and more protection for the animals.
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To be continued ...